Monday, July 27, 2009

Exclusive: Sekure D Interview

We recently had the chance to catch up with one of the best Sneaker customizers in the world Sekure D to see what been happening at the dungeon...


FK: Why Sekure D?
SD: It’s a really long story, like Matrix trilogy long.


FK: Can you describe your creative process?
SD: I struggle to do this because it’s always so different, lets just say it usually includes me sitting in the studio all day and night, undisturbed, plus a few of the following, loud music, vodka, some of my favourite DVD’s, comics and cartoons. To be a little more specific I don’t always sketch before I start painting, I would say less then fifty per cent of the time for sneakers but almost always for canvas. I have created so many pairs of custom sneakers that I really understand the structure and paneling of them and don’t always feel it is necessary.


FK: What are some of your influences?
SD: Graffiti, comic books, superheroes, old Nintendo video games, lowbrow art, the future

FK:What do you do besides customizing kicks?
SD: Paint, play basketball, watch a plethora of DVD’s and hang out with Al Simmons, Alec Holland and Walter Kovacs


FK: What traits do your friends have in common?
SD: Interesting question, I guess a sense of humor, honesty and alcoholism

FK: What have you got planned for the future?
SD: I intend to continue exhibiting canvas artwork on a more regular basis whether that is to have solo exhibitions or participate in group shows as well as carry on producing custom sneakers. Having the opportunity to travel and show my work is what I look forward to.


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