Monday, June 1, 2009


ATTENTION All Street Fighter IV Entrants!!!!!


This tournament will be a showcasing of some of the best Street Fighter IV players in all of Australia, all fighting for glory, respect and the chance at a huge trophy and $1000 prize. It will be limited to only 32 slots to ensure every match is pure nail biting quality.

How Do I Get In?
16 slots are reserved for Australia's best players who are able to make the event, comprising previous tournament champions and big names in the competitive scene.
The final 16 slots will have to qualify for their chance at glory, to get your chance at being part of this event, enter the Couch Warriors Round 4 Ranking Battle and place in the Top 16 players not already confirmed to secure your place. Details -

Tournament Details
Cost: $10 entry for competitors and door charge $15 for spectators (venue charge)
Time: All players must be checked in at 9:30pm. Tournament starts at 10pm and should finish just after midnight. Venue will close at 5am.
Format: Matches will be a best of 3 games, first to win 2 rounds in each game.
The tournament will run as a double elimination, with the winners finalist keeping a one life lead over the losers finalist in the grand final match.
Hardware: All games will be run on 2 x PS3 consoles on CRT screens, which will then be split out to a projector and/or LCD screens for the crowd. Sticks and controllers will be provided, BYO controllers/sticks is welcomed for competitors.
Video: Every match will be recorded and made available online in the weeks following the event for those unlucky enough to not be there when it all goes down.

Extra Events
Once the big show is over, the stage will be open to grudge matches, money matches and exhibitions, details to follow as they progress.
Contact ToXY through OzHadou if you would like to suggest an exhibition match.

Final Details
For ensured consistency and quality, we would like to have 4 x Madcatz PS3 sticks available for the competition, but are having a hard time sourcing them all due to their rarity at the moment, if you are able to lend sticks for the night please get in contact with Loki @ or ToXY @ as soon as possible.

For more info on the qualifiers please visit Couch Warriors
and for more info on whats happening on during Simply Bread 3 click here

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