Monday, June 1, 2009

Freshest Sneaker Battle @ Simply Bread 3

Get your pimp game on as Simply Bread Series 3 plays host to the 2nd Freshest Sneaker Battle in Australia!


After the 1st battle in Series 1, there were some that felt they should've won. From Neighborhood Consortiums to Ape skates to Supreme blazer's... they were all out in full force (FRESH OUT THE BOX). FAT KIDS are bringing back the freshest sneaker battle, the only difference is that this time the stakes are HIGHER! With the prize packs worth WAY over $1,000 and the chance to be crowned "KING OF SNEAKERS". Its gonna be one CRAZY BATTLE...


Who would it be? Who would be crowned KING OF SOLE's...?
Find out at Simply Bread 3 on June the 12th at Miss Libertine 34 Franklin Street.
Pre sale tickets on SALE NOW!

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