Friday, January 30, 2009

where for art thou....

Fat Kids! Sorry i've been away... blitereing in the heat getting my swet on with no sock in my old skools! GAH.. breeding ground for foot disease i tells ya!

More importantly, Coraline Movie

and look at these neat Dunks that go with... talk abou successful marketing guys. Very well done!!!

"Those marketers have gone and sewn black buttons over their eyes, taken the “niceness” dial and cranked it up to 13 with this pair of incredibly limited edition sneakers (this is one pair of 100 worldwide) that are made of premium materials, have awesome handcrafted details designed by the film’s director, Henry Selick, and are being listed on ebay by less scrupulous individuals than myself for upwards of $6500."

Club Mumble - Coraline Dunks.

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