Friday, January 30, 2009

Rikki Kasso - Tokyo Undressed

So i've go a bit of a thing for photograpy... I dont own a DSLR, or a studio, or anything that resembles good/decent photgraphic equipment... but doesnt stop me frm appreciating good work. So heres where i introduce you to Rikki Kasso.

His style and composition has always struck me as pure photographic art, in the pures sense of the word. Many of his images are shot of his partner, but also captures scenes from around his neighbourhood and the city streets.

The use of colour in such a grey, urban environment is powerful and gives each shot such true life and emotion.

While some would consider many of these shots pornographic, the use of the human form in many provoctotive positions is simply beautiful. The use of reflective photography in panes of glass, or mirrors give an erie voyeuristic look to his work, while achiving a sense of candidtry.

check out the monstrous body of work here... Tokyo Undressed

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