Monday, January 5, 2009

Kennyswork X Chocolate Rain – Fatina Molly

One of my favourite toy designer of all time Kenny Wong from Brothersfree is doing a collab with the world renowned chocolate rain who's work are inspired by childhood dream and wonderland adventure.
This lethal combination has brought us Fatina Molly.


Kenny and his 2 brothers have always been known as masters at their craft and until today are very well respected in the toy design industry for their detailed and articulate work. This time Kenny takes a step back from all the heavy machinery to bring us a cute, clean and simple Fatina.


The crown of Molly features the closed eyes lids of the Fatina character from Chocolate Rain. This will be a very limited release with no dates as of yet. All you Molly fans be sure to keep an eye out on Kenny’s Blog for any incoming information.

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