Monday, August 17, 2009

Winners announced!!!!!

Thank you to all that wrote comments to win the Skull candy headphones... we at Fat Kids really appreciate your time and effort.
I'm sure everyone's anxious to know who won the headphones....
What better way to kick off a monday morning then with some GREAT NEWS!


After a very long discussion at the fat kids office we have decided that the people who will walk away with the Skull candy headphones are:



Vincent (Santa Cruz Skull Crusher)
Hannah Baker (Lowrider)

CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH VINCENT & HANNAH, you are now the official owners of the Santa Cruz Skull Crusher and Lowrider.... please do enjoy the headphones.

On behalf of the crew at Fat Kids...THANK YOU to all that participated in this competition...and have a great week ahead.


Vincent said...

That means we're better people than the rest of you. Grovel under our superiority mortals.

Hannah Baker said...

Thankyou Benny and the FK crew!
My daughter shall be rocking the beats before you know it!
One love x