Thursday, July 9, 2009


Blogging on here is getting harder and harder. I spend all day at work scouring the web for material to bring you heat from around the globe only to find by the time I've picked a gem, my fellow Fat Kids have beaten me to it. This predicament has left me with pre-blog anxiety. After a short course of therapy I'm back and this time it's personal, um yeah I mean... check this out (deep breathes, it's just a blog).

Debacle, Nike SB's latest video offering showcases the talent of ams Justin Brock, Daryl Angel, David Clark, Grant Tylor, Shane O’Neill and Theotis Beasley. Each skater's piece in the film is introduced by a frantic skate skit followed by 5 minutes of rad plank shredding, ranging from huge stair gaps to some awesome bowl carving This tidy 25 minute piece was released 24th June and is the first ever all-HD skate Film. It can be downloaded for free from the Nike SB website but will only be available for the next 15 days. Peep the trailer below then go get it. It's good.

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