Monday, July 13, 2009

Diary of the Dead (Madman Movie Review)

Geroge A Romero has put a nail in the coffin on this one. Diary of the dead brings us raw, gory, front line action and out of a million zombie related movies out there, George managed to make a masterpiece that stood out from the rest.


The plot concerns a group of students who are making a horror movie one moment, supervised by a heavy-drinking professor, and then finding themselves trying to survive the next as everyone realises that corpses are getting up for a wander once again. The twist this time around is that Romero has decided to join the current crop of filmmakers who have gone down the DV, hand-held, cinema verite path.


Diary of the dead managed to capture each moment at its rawest and I love how its shot from a POV of a person, but sometimes it can get very irritating as it shakes and go out of focus.
Its sucks the viewers in and makes them apart of the journey that Jason and his friends are on. As I was watching this film, I couldn’t help but cringe at ever moment a bullet went through a zombies head or every time a zombie munched on some ones arm like Snickers.


The visual effects and blood splattering throughout the movie was awesome. They must’ve uses a tank load of ketchup and syrup for that whole movie cuz it didn’t stop flowing. I have to say, one of my favorite scenes would be when the English lecturer slices one of the zombies head in half with a sword…that was one of the goriest scenes I’ve seen in awhile (that’s just one scene out of MANY unbelievable scenes in DOTD).


If you have a weak heart and have been hospitalised for it, do not watch this film but otherwise, I’d highly recommend you do because DOTD will go down in history as one of the best horror films made the legendary George A Romero. It makes Blair witch project look like child’s play.


To sum it all up, every scene, camera angle (not all), and cut was perfect. Definitely a must watch for all horror fanatics.
Rating: 7.8/10

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