Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bughouse Scratch DJ Coffee Table

Your urban sensibility is already apparent in mostly every aspect of your existence. Whether it’s the way you dress or the the music you listen to, everyone knows that you’re watching the streets. When you escape the sidewalk’s influence and return to the calm shelter of your abode, however, it’s a different story.


Your staid coffee table only tells visitors that you’ve gotta put your feet up somewhere, saying nothing of how you’ve got your prescient eye on the hustle and flow of current culture. Well then maybe your furnishings could use a change that’s more in keeping with the tempo of the next song on your iPod. Might we recommend the incredibly unique Scratch DJ Coffee Table from the divine minds and able craft-making hands at Bughouse Art & Design. This pine turntable facsimile with chromed out legs and a glass tabletop allows a place to put your kicks up at the end of the day and to show off some choice vinyl without accidentally scratching it up with some faulty needle play.

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