Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BMW SX Concept 3


In a design that could effortlessly rise to the ranks of the top handful of BMW’s most dashing vehicles to date, designer Iulian Bumbo presents the BMW S.X. concept. Bumbo, who previously graced us with the Lamborghini Insecta design, has injected pure sex and muscle into this 6-series-inspired sports coupe.


Aiming to take the 6-series to the next level, Bumbo has widened and lowered the body while concentrating on creating smooth, uninterrupted lines that the eye wishes would never end. No indication as to what Bumbo envisions under the hood, but take another look, close your eyes and you should be able to hear the deep, throaty rumble that would surely saturate the interior the minute you turned the ignition.


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