Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rohby’s Custom Ack-tion Fig – Half Baked Snake

We are always excited to see when Rohby is hard at work with some of his newest creations. The Ack-tion fig is new platform figure created by Rohby and to help kick off this platform, he will be doing a series based strictly on Metal Gear Solid characters.


As the first release, he turned his platform figure into none other than Solid Snake, named Half Baked Snake. 10 of these custom pieces will be available by the end of the week for $120. To get more information on how these customs will be released, feel free to email Rohby here.



The next custom Rohby will be working on, will be the Russian soldiers from MGS Sons of Liberty. After that, he plans on doing 2 more characters then onto Volume 2. That will consists of original designs from the man himself.

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