Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Next Level of Internet

This is awesome!

Kutiman, from MPM makes beats by cutting and pasting youtube clips of folks playing musical instruments.

Drums, guitars, keys, synths and even a theramin!!

Check it!

01 - Mother of All Funk Chords

02 - This Is What It Became

03 - I'm New

04 - Babylon Band

05 - Someday

06 - Wait For Me

07 - Just a Lady

08 - About Thru-You from Kutiman

Kutiman - Music Is Ruling My World

A true innovator.


Blind Kid Seeks said...

DJ Shadow's VJ had a great MPC tool Linked to his Video in the for Private Press tour in 2003. Was epic. Hit the MPC sample for snare, a clip of a dude hitting snare was flashed up.

Dave Mack said...

nice, I didn't catch that show. But the ones I have seen have always been highly visually impressive.