Saturday, March 14, 2009

1st Force x Qee Collection Collaboration (FnC KOLON x Toy2R)

The 1st Force x Qee Collection Collaboration sees the release of a new line of fashion sneakers - dubbed 1st Force - from Korea's FnC KOLON, who has partnered with TOY2R to develop and produce matching 2.5 inch QEEs to be packaged with each pair of shoes.


"1st Force launches the TORNADO design first followed by the EARTH line, which will present itself as a lightweight basketball sneaker. Available in sizes 5.5 through 10.5, the sneakers have a SRP of US$110-$150 per pair. The line is debuting in major department stores in Korea, currently in more than 30 locations but will quickly become available in sneaker multi shops, online boutiques and other locations within the coming months."


FnC KOLON has released a new line of fashion sneakers called 1st Force. This new brand is meant to call upon the forces of nature for its inspiration. The main concept centers upon the 4 elemental forces: Earth, Lighting, Storm and Tornado – each featuring a powerful and energetic image. These fashion forward sneakers are targeted toward the consumers between 24-32 who are sensible about fashion and who have a serious take on design and originality. The ‘maze” pattern creates a slim looking tennis style fashion sneaker while the color palette is bold yet contemporary.



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