Friday, February 6, 2009

RZA x Skyfarm Studios

"The Year of RZA is Here ~ Solar Storms! Killer Comets! A Trip Through the Galactic Plane! These cosmic events are nothing compared to the upcoming RZA action figures. Skyfarm Studios is set to release a series of action figures based on the legendary producer/rapper/actor for late 2009 -- with an original #1 comic book inside!"


Skyfarm Studios, LLC is a creative studio founded by Mark Davis, Mike Davis and Paul Harding dedicated to the execution of the finest action figures, designer toys and comics available.
This time around they team up with the Legendary RZA member of the Wu tang clan to release 2 figures, the RZA & BOBBY DIGITAL.


Thus far, only 2 figures have been announced along with a comic book. Both crafted by Paul Harding ~ who was responsible for the work on Blokhedz vinyl figures who in turn were designed by twin-brothers Mark and Mike Davis of Blokhedz = Which simply tells me both the toy and comic are gonna be AMAZING! and be something worth looking out for in 2009. (Hopefully there'll be toy-image and comic-panel reveals soon!)

Long live the RZA!

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