Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Professor Kurt Von Kessler by KidAkira

This is not for sale nor is it made for your mum!
I have come across many 1/6th-scaled figures in my lifetime but this has to be THE BEST CUSTOM work i've come across.
Don't tell me about how detailed ashley wood's Euro defense Bramble is, don't talk to me about bruce lee's new and improved body, don't compare Brothersfree's brilliant pieces, nor any of the Michael Lau 12"s. KidAkira just made everyone in the custom toy industry look like poo particles with his custom Professor Kurt von Kessler which he made for the "Create a Futuristic Villian" contest held by one sixth warrior.

I can go on and on about all the details but i'll just let the images do all the talking!




This mad genius, once obsessed with world domination, has discovered time travel and thrust himself into the future! Now universal domination is his sole desire ~ beware Professor Kurt Von Kessler ~ Magician of time and space!

ps. i still love ashley wood, brothersfree and michael lau's work tho ! ;oP

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