Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Louis Vuitton x Sprouse Collection Skateboard

Louis Vuitton’s limited edition Stephen Sprouse skateboard and skateboard case.


This skateboard and case will be released at the LV Soho store this Thursday. Only 3 will be available for $8250.00 each.
For the skaters with extra change to spare...don't forget to cop your's today.
I'm sure the LV deck will come in handy when skating with Elf or competing with E.T.

From his early days of dressing Debbie Harry from Blondie to a million other collaborations, today we see Stephen Sprouse bring forth a new dimension to his work. He was the first designer to bridge between uptown and downtown fashion making it appeal to both spectrums of the world. Up to date he has never failed to deliver quality products that would appeal to both Pharell Williams and Avril Lavigne.

Time to call my LV dealer to reserve a set for myself.

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