Saturday, January 17, 2009

Louis Vuiton Acetate Sunglasses

The Evidence, Obsession, and Illusion are hand made in Italy and were created to make geeks like myself look like superstars!
My god, when i came across these sunnies, they were scorchin' hot!
I had to say sumthin' about them!
Especially the Evidence (personal preference here), if you wanna bling out with LV, gotta do it with the Evidence, if you want a more subtle and sophisticated look, rock the Obsessions, and if you want a more funky trippy look, what else but the Illusions!
All three are sick (personal preference again here!) and i highly recommend coppin' them (if you have the scrilla)

The LV Evidence frame is a hand-polished aviator style acetate frame with golden metal bridge that discretely shoes off the engraved LV logos. They have tinted lens with a LV logo engraving on its upper corner of the right lens

The LV Obsession frame has a rectangular shape with light black tinted lens, along with inlaid LV monograms along the arms of the frame.


The LV Illusion frame is aviator-style acetate with a subtle sparkle, it has their exclusive monogram photochromic lenses that becomes darker to keep visual comfort. They have a inlaid golden LV monogram in the center.

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