Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fat Reporter... Fat Kids News Updates!

Fat Kids only started a few months ago and I have to say the response to our Blog has been awesome. We have some big things happening this year, so make sure you stay toooned!

- New Years was off the hook! Benny was awesome to watch! I have never seen this kid drink! He puts in a fair effort! He didn't get on the naughty stuff though (I think...)! Our New Years video should be up next week... and it is special!

The infamous pedophile clown mask...

- I would like to officially welcome new bloggers 'Blink Kid Seeks' (The Dog Dies post was clearly hands down the best post on this blog!) and 'L.Perill' to the mix. They love our blog! They love you and they love being awesome...

- Our First Event 'Simply Bread' is about to kick off on Friday 20th February! We expect all of you to get down and celebrate! I believe Jesus will be there, so if you show up... you could probably ask him to do some cool shit. I will be asking him to turn a glass of water into... Disco!


- I would like to dedicate this news reading to Dino Riders...

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