Monday, January 19, 2009

Doing The Reverse Will Smith

Becoming Rapper/Actor is pretty much a right of passage these days for most major artists in the hip hop world. Attempting the reverse, however, is much rarer phenomenon (see: Marky Mark)

Recently, Joaquin Phoenix, who is most famous for his portrayal of country music legend Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line”, declared that he will be undertaking a new career as a microphone fiend.

After much speculation since he announced his retirement from acting last year, sources say that Phoenix will be releasing an album produced by the master of multi-tasking, Rapper/Producer/Fashion Designer/Record Mogul/Restaurateur/Actor, P-Diddy.

Phoenix, whose rap name remains unknown, will also be the feature of a documentary about his hip hop holiday directed by his brother-in-law, Casey Affleck (Ben’s brother).

He made first public performance last Friday at a Las Vegas club, which officially kicked off Affleck's shoot.

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