Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bringin' Back the 80's

Who out there is an 80's baby?


The 80's had it all...from transformers, dinoriders, thundercats to the a-team.
PLUS not forgetting some of the best MUSIC in history compared to what we're hearing now a days especially after Kanye's Love lockdown blunder... sorry to all Kanye fans out there but i do not see what's so good about an auto tuned & vocoded ALBUM. Thats not something i can listen to for an hour. My bad...

Coming back to the topic at hand...i came across some classics i would like to share with everyone:

First off Curtis Hairston - I want your lovin'
Man...what a song! so much funk and soul i felt every bit of emotion from every musician who played on that track. Funky bass line, soulful hooks, AND NO VOCODED VOX! Classic! This track is something you want to be listening from start to finish.

Also check out Curtis Hairston - i want you (all tonight)

Stay tuned for more classics as we relive the 80's!

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