Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Acclaim x Estevan Oriol (so late with this one...)


Ok... Ok... I'm really late with this one! It is damn worth it though! Our good friends at Acclaim Magazine recently did a collaboration with one of the worlds most renowned photographers... Estevan Oriol! You may not know who this guy is, but you would definitely know his work (Blink 182 - 'Down' video, D12 - 'I'll Shit On You' video, Transplants - 'Gangsters & Thugs' video, Psycho Realm - Psycho City Blocks video, Xzibit - Criminal Set video etc). I had to post this up because Estevan is my favorite photographers/directors. You can check him out at www.estevanoriol.com. Get your ass to www.acclaimmag.com to purchase the box set (I'm pretty sure it is only a limited run!).

On a recent tip... you can pick up the latest issue of Acclaim (displayed below) at your local newsagent or cool indie fashion store...


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